Songs & rhymes videos

Every Kids Music and Moves class starts by acknowledging the Kaurna people and singing Niina Marni. Then we sing our welcome song "Let's make some music"  The kid's sing along and tap their knees and love copying all the fun actions.  

Lizzie's puppet Froggo, hides an animal in Lizzie's special box every week. We sing the "Something is hiding in my box" song and then Lizzie gives the kids clues to try and guess what animal we're learning about.  

The "Do do song", is a fun action based song to teach kids the Solfege musical language, Do Re Mi Fa So. 

We also learn action songs and finger plays, that stretch the kid's skills in listening, coordination, focus & concentration. Lots of the rhymes focus on animals that we're learning about in class, especially to complement Lizzie's original songs about native Australian animals.