"I’m so grateful for finding you and your wonderful class! Zara found a lot of other classes overwhelming and we struggled to get her to continue. After her second class with you she was sitting independently on the mat (something she would never normally do!) and clearly loving her time!
It was always a count down to the next Wednesday! Thankyou so much! You radiate warmth and kindness and this is clearly picked up by all!" - Caroline, mum

"It was wonderful this morning, Lizzie. Thank you! You were right... Luna sang all the way home!  We love your props and your happy music and look forward to next week."  -  Jane, ex-teacher & great-aunt    

"Lizzie is so talented and has such a rapport with children, they love her" - Rebecca, grandmother 

"Miss Lizzie’s class is an all round gift for children. From learning geography on the globe (‘Where in the world are we? song’), to clapping out syllables for different words, learning to read basic music and rhythm, learning about different animals and dances from around the world, stories, musical instruments, guessing what’s in the box from clues, and of course singing, dancing and finding where Froggo might be hiding each class. Miss Lizzie has such talent with children and her well thought out music and moves class encompasses so much - after 5 or 6 consecutive terms we will miss her and her class so much when it’s time for school. Thank you so much Miss Lizzie and Froggo, we will never forget the happy memories in your class and all you taught Audrey xx"  - Alexia, mum

 "Lizzie's class was fun and engaging. We both had a wonderful time!" - Leda, mum 

"My daughter loved going to music lessons with Lizzie! The lessons are different and exciting each week and she loved getting to play different instruments and learn many new songs. Lizzie teaches different styles of music from around the world which was really nice. It was a good activity for being able to bring a newborn along as there is plenty of space to have a pram etc too" - Lydia, mum 

"My child was very engaged for the whole lesson & woke up this morning asking if we can go to Music class today!" - Emilie, mum


Every week in Kids Music & Moves classes, we fly around the globe, learning all about music and dance from around the world!  We also learn fun facts about animals in each country and how to say hello. The kids love finding Australia on the globe and finding out how far away the next new country is.  So while they're having fun singing and dancing, they're also exposed to geography, different cultures and language.