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Kids Music and Moves classes

A cultural music & dance adventure around the world for preschoolers aged 18m-6 years.  Beginning in Australia, Lizzie & her frog puppet Froggo, teach the kids original songs and rhymes about native animals, in a fun, interactive and high energy class. We sing the 'Where in the world are we?" song while the kids learn where Australia is on the globe.  As the program progresses, they learn traditional dances from around the world, as well as singing songs and rhymes about native animals from that country. 

As well as inspiring your child's passion for music, they also secretly learn school-ready skills like taking turns, listening and focusing on the teacher.  Lizzie is dedicated to helping children of all abilities grow through musical experiences. Exploring ear training, Solfege singing language, rhythm patterns, percussion, action and finger play songs, jamming and dancing to music from diverse cultures and styles and so much more!

Please fill in an enrolment form HERE & join us on Wednesday mornings at Goodwood Community Centre for classes at 9.30-10.15 or 10.30-11.15.

Kids music and moves shows

Lizzie & Froggo entertain little ones and their families at events around Adelaide, with engaging, interactive shows for any occasion.  

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about Lizzie bradley

Lizzie has enjoyed a long and successful career studying, teaching and performing dance and music. She studied full-time dancing when she was 15 years old and went on to study at Flinders University, gaining a 1st class honours degree in Performing Arts, with a second major in Science. She has had a career as a professional jazz singer, music producer and composer, with extensive experience performing in Australia, the UK and Europe.   

Lizzie has taught kid’s private singing lessons for over 20 years and taught group lessons with kids up to 5 years of age. After returning back to Adelaide from London in 2019, she composed the music for the children’s play “Return to the Village” (which won the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Kids and Family show). She has also been releasing her original tracks and teaching Kids Music & Moves classes at preschools, ELCs and Goodwood Community Centre, as well as performing fun interactive shows at events around Adelaide.

What makes Lizzie's classes & shows unique, is that she not only writes the entire curriculum, but also writes, produces and records all of the music herself.  Using her Science Degree skills, she enjoys thoroughly researching the weekly animals to teach the kids fun facts and to write factual but playful lyrics. The classes are relevant to Aussie kids and are fast paced, to keep the lovely little ones engaged and entertained.